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released April 1, 2015

Co Produced by Megan Biscieglia and Jordan Burgis
Engineered by Jordan Burgis
Mastered by Mark Trewella for Full Circle Mastering
Cover Art by Sarah Guck



all rights reserved


Bad Braids Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Intro (Fade)
Proceed and the rest will fade
Back to the waters from which you came
Stars above, and the heaviest shame
Floating away until the water ends
Floating away until the water ends
I tend to my own body
I'll wash away what i don't need
My soul is precious, it's full of tenderness
It's thick
So can't you spare me?
Heartless beast, there's nothing i can keep
And i'm turning into the earth
Track Name: Jackal
Jackal you howl all night
Sparrow where do you go?
Into a black cloud, the cycle keeps you all alone
Summer and fall and spring come
Turn and turn and turn
Lover, there's no other
It's a black hole
Into the noise i'll spread like fire
And i'll rise
Track Name: Mountains
You are the face of the mountain
And I, a stream
Time, you wrap around my every inch
My all
You are the face of the mountain
And I, a stream
Track Name: King is Cursed
Sing that old night song
As if it were the two of us
A silence locks in and holds us there
As far as I can see the night will keep us guessing
Stay sweet now, now
The way no other sight
Can crawl in my head and dance all night
I hear the sound of you now calling out my name
You are all
Track Name: Grey Sky
The grey sky covered me
My mind seeks nothing
I am free
Track Name: Mara
I feel wild in your eyes
Waste not, waste not
The time will pass by
All come forward to the start of sea
Lay down, lay down with me
All sing sorrow around you
You can't hold back to silence what is true
What was it I saw?
I'm so close, I won't waste it
I can taste it
So long my fate- all and none the same
Pull me down along the waves
Closer to the vision
Its spirals in color in place
ooooooooo ooooo oooo ooo
Track Name: Wild Flowers
Tall man in the wild flowers by the river side
I call to you from far away
I call to you only
I feel a warmth inside by body
A seed it grows
Into a tall man in the wild flowers by the river side
Now see that star, it's shining on me
It's for me
It's shooting
It's falling
It's beautiful
It's for me
I feel warm blood rising
I feel solitude for the first time
I feel that star shine on me
It's for me
And no other could control these actions
Now your body will swiftly float away
And grow cold, grow cold
Now see that star, it's shining on me
It's for me
It's shooting
It's falling
It's beautiful
It's for me
Track Name: Fever Dream Powers
What power is this to take you that way?
Eyes glossed, so cold, were once warm as May
A black fire rose
It took all it could
The embers remain
And through it all there’s still growth
It goes on and on
Golden one, you can’t have it all
Love is an attack
Sour taste of reason leads you straight into the morning
What hour is this? We’ve lost time I suppose
The thought remains solid as stone
Sent to a place where it’s drifting
It’s the end of what it was, a heap of body and of bone
And i’m still so far apart from it all
Gain sight, the world can be a cruel place in that way
By design an instant’s chance can take it all forever
Lay it down, only time remains
There no faith, no fault, no harm
Let the wind just take it all
I’ll hold no blame
I have to give you back
This is where you stay
This is where it ends
Track Name: Glory, Glory
Glowing now
Come see this splendor in its glory glow
Glory, glory
Bright child in a lazy slumber
In time we’ll all see what it is you become

Gold and onyx moon rise
They hold it over your head and expect you not to beg
Wanderer you claim there is nothing for you
You see what you want to
There is all around you moonlight
Feel it shine

Glory, glory
This is all I am
Mercy, mercy me
Draw down the moon
We'll feel it glow
It feels so good